happy belly with stretch mark creamDo you have stretch marks? Don’t be resigned to them, for stretch mark creams are available to help improve the look of your skin!

Stretch marks are those unsightly streaks, usually found on around your stomach area and abdomen. They will have likely have appeared due to pregnancy or growing too fast.

Your skin is basically overstretched, causing small tears in the middle layer of your skin. Red or purple marks will develop, which is actually the appearance of your lower layers of skin and blood vessels.

As time goes by, these blood vessels will contract further into the skin, leaving fatty deposits in its place. Your stretch marks will turn silver or white, becoming less noticeable … but they will still be there.

Your over-stretched skin can be healed! We will help you find the best products on the market, based on real customer reviews, effectiveness and price.

There are very few creams that actually work to minimize and even eliminate stretch marks. Read our in-depth reviews to find out the right product for you:

Effective Stretch Mark Cream Reviews From Our Beauty Writers:

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

With natural ingredients such as grapefruit seed extract and squalene oil (made from olives), Revitol bills itself as an all-natural product that prevents stretch marks while pregnant and minimizes older ones. While it doesn’t completely erase stretch marks, it does help rebuild your skin cells to make them fade. Thousands of customers are satisfied with its effective formula and gentle treatment to heal your skin.


Trilastin-SR Intensive Stretch Mark Complex (and Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention) are very popular creams to reduce the look of old stretch marks. It does this through a combination of skin-cell building ingredients, plant oils that brighten and even the tone of your skin, and “fill in” the microscope peaks and valleys of marks with hydrating properties.

The maternity prevention cream, to be used in the middle to late stages of pregnancy, is a combination of natural plant oils and moisturizers to help your skin stretch and stay healthy and hydrated.

At $80 a bottle, Trilastin-SR is one of the more expensive creams, though there are bulk discounts available if you buy 2 or 3 (and free shipping.) Since the cream is designed to combat old stretch marks, it’s much less expensive than the alternatives, such as laser surgery.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

With all the expensive creams out there, it’s good to know that the older, basic creams still work fine. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter formula for stretch marks has always been an effective moisturizing cream for most people. It’s best used doing pregnancy or body-building, where the skin is stretched.

With ingredients such as shea butter, almond oil and, of course, cocoa butter, Palmer’s is a great all-natural product.

The drawbacks is that it is not very effective for older stretch marks.

How Do We Rate the Best Stretch Mark Creams?

We scour the Internet for real reviews, feedback from our own customers, and ourselves. My name is Melanie Henson, and I do most of these reviews, and yes, I do have a favorite stretch mark cream, which I share below. I also have friends, all Moms, and ask their opinion on the creams they’ve found most effective. You’ll see my findings here.

We also look at the ingredients in each product, and have thoroughly researched the formula. Too often, creams are simply moisturizers … they make your skin look good, but they do nothing to erase stretch marks. In order to do that, you need a cream that actually rebuilds the collagen in your skin, reducing the fine lines and eliminating blemishes and wrinkles.

Do such creams exist? Are they worth it? And how much will it cost?

Thanks for visiting, and I wish you the best in healthy, blemish-free skin! Feel free to contact me if you need any advice on stretch mark creams.

Melanie at Onlystretchmarkcream.com

Founder, Onlystrechmarkcream.com

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